What is this sendmail-cdb patch?

It is an updated version to replace the use of Dan Berstein's cdb code with Michael Tokarev's compatible tinycdb library. It adds support for using cdb databases as maps. It supports putting aliases, mailertable or any other lookup table in cdb databases.

Why would I want to use cdb databases?

cdb databases support very fast lookup and building of tables that contain thousands to even millions of rows. cdb databases are also platform independent so you can build the cdb databases on a Solaris box and do a straight secure copy to a farm of Linux boxes if you wanted. It makes a good static database to put in place of or before a lookup table that is SQL or LDAP based or even BerkerlyDB based.

To download: sendmail-cdb patch

You will need to install Dan Berstein's cdb tools or Michael Tokarev's tinycdb package to build cdb databases and you will need tinycdb's cdb library to build sendmail with cdb support.

Dan Berstein's cdb: cdb
Michael Tokarev's tinycdb: tinycdb